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Blind Installation Sydney | Best Blinds for Rental Property

Bring Your Properties Blinds Up To The Australian Standard

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Blind Safe Australia is working with Property Professionals dedicated to making sure Blinds and Curtains installed in their Rental Properties are up to the Australian Standard 'Competition and Consumer (Corded Internal Window Coverings) Safety Standard 2014'.

We audit Best Blinds for Rentals Property to make sure they abide by all the safety regulations,

any Blinds that do not comply will be brought up to the Standard.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Arrange A Free Audit

We Report on all Blinds that are Non-compliant.

Arrange a time to bring the Roller Blinds installation in Sydney up to the Australian Standard


Cord/Chain Requirements

 - All Chains have a Safety Latch installed where required.

- All Blinds & Curtains that have Cords, Have a Cleat installed to wrap the Cord around.

Labelling Requirements

 - All Blinds & Curtains must have a Warning Label attached to the Cord or Chain.

- All Blinds must have a sticker or label attached that contain the company name and company contact number that installed the blind

Other Safety Requirements

 - All Blinds & Curtains are installed correctly with no apparent safety concerns.

- A unique code and date of when the blinds and curtains are audited.

Other Services

- We will provide details of blinds that are not in an operational state and can repair blinds in a rental property or replace if required at an additional cost.

Our Prices

- We Will audit your properties blinds and curtains for FREE

-Save 10% on the total overall price when you pre consent to have the works completed when the blinds or curtains are audited.

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Or Email your Work Order to

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